Christophe, Customer Service Technician

The customer service technician maintains the performance of our customers’ installations

Technicien service client BA Systèmes

What is your background?

I started with a vocational certificate in maintenance & mechanic followed by a vocational certificate as Commercialization Officer. I worked in the turbocharger industry for 15 years before continuing my career for ten years in the field of service. In 2012, I joined BA Systèmes at the Customer Service.


What does your job involve?

I conduct preventive and curative operations on the equipment already installed at the customer’s plant. For example, control points on an AGV or a change in part if necessary. I also take care to detect possible breakdowns and rectify them quickly. I am in constant contact with the customer, and as his main contact, I try the best I can to meet their expectations. Occasionally, I help my colleagues for the implementation of an installation.

I live in Valence area and I cover the Rhône-Alpes and Southeast areas. I also travel in Spain and in The Netherlands from time to time. I get my schedule every Friday for the week to come and stay from 3 to 4 days a week on average at a customer’s plant.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I am particularly fond of the contact and customer relations. I am curious by nature and I love to discover new products or materials. I also like to be independent in my work and travelling abroad is enriching to me. In general, I can say that I enjoy myself at BA Systèmes.


How do you feel about travelling?

This lifestyle suits me perfectly. I am used to it for many years and it does not bother me at all. With modern means of communication, I am in contact with my family every night. I love being on the road and meeting new customers. It can also be sometimes a constraint because I never stay less than a day at a customer’s plant. If a holiday falls during the week or if there is an emergency for an AGV, I stay at the customer’s facility, the priority being the service provided to the customer and above all his satisfaction.


Since that portrait, Christophe has become training officer at the Customer Service


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