Denis, AGV Integration Technician

The AGV integration technician realizes the tests, settings and commissioning of AGV systems at the customer

Technicien Intégration AGV

What is your background?

After my associate degree in Electrical Engineering, I spent 2 years in the UK as part of an engineering bachelor’s degree with a focus on robotics. I could improve my English there. After my military service, I worked for a company specialized in industrial automation. I stayed there for 15 years, first as automation specialist then, on more robotics-oriented positions. I have joined BA Systèmes first as a service provider then on a permanent position.


What does your job involve?

I am an AGV Integration Technician and my role is to go commissioning the fleet of AGVs at our customers’. I start realizing the specific tests in our premises before performing the calibration of all AGVs so they can locate on the site and behave all the same way. Then it is the turn of docking tests (positioning conveyors, floor markings, etc.). Once the IT application engineer arrives, we realize together global tests: launching of the fleet in automatic and realization of the first missions by the AGVs. We then train the operators and people on-site in charge of the maintenance so they become familiar with their new system (move the AGV manually, use the GUI, etc.). Finally, I support teams on site when we start the production.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Joining BA Systèmes was easy because the atmosphere is good and colleagues are very supportive. We may be alone on site, they never let us down. The various teams are always attentive to our difficulties and ready to help. This new job allows me to see other fields of activity. I recently attended a commissioning in Spain in the fields of food and medicinal production. It is interesting to see how mobile robotics suit different process and how it is becoming more democratic over the years.


How do you feel about travelling?

Travelling requires organization as a family. I like to go on customer sites. With periods of tests and following-up of projects at BA Systèmes, I found a balance that suits me perfectly.


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