Mathilde, electrical technician

The electrical technician prepares, implements and wires the electrical components on the AGV and performs the mechanical installation

What is your background?électrotechnicien

After an electrical technician vocational certificate, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree then obtained my diploma as sound and light technician.

I intended at that time to work in the event industry on shows or concerts but did not succeed in finding a job in that field. It is my training in electrical engineering that allowed me to find a work first in the construction industry then in the manufacturing one with BA Systèmes.

I have been working at BA Systèmes as electrical technician for almost five years now.


What does your job involve?

I make autonomous handling vehicles. It is a progressive and versatile work. I start by preparing the cables that will equip the electrical panel of the AGV before assembling all the electrical components precisely on this panel. It is like the heart of the AGV – the power center of the vehicle. Once this step is over, I switch to the chassis – the mechanical aspect of the work, where I will include all the subassemblies that equip the AGV.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I like to assemble the AGV from A to Z, participate in making them operational and even some beautiful machines. From a precise number of pieces, I can see a robot takes shape and functions. It requires meticulousness and versatility, and it becomes my own work of art.


I appreciate the team spirit in the production workshop, the exchanges with the eldest who pass on their knowledge and with the youngest to whom we can also, at our level, pass on our own know-how and the right methods.


As a woman, how do you consider a predominantly male industry?

During school, I was often one of the two girls if not the only girl evolving in a group of boys and it never really disturbed me. In my professional environment, I can see no difference between men and women both in the tasks we have to perform or in human relations. I have never had negative experiences in the industry, on the contrary, the relationship between men and women seems to me much simpler than in other professional circles where it can be more difficult for a woman to integrate and be respected.



An article on Mathilde was published in « Les Industries Technologiques » website of UIMM (French employers’ organization for the industrial companies of the metal sector).

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