Richard, Pre-Sales Engineer

The pre-sales engineer establishes the offers for prospects and customers


What is your background?Pre-Sales Engineer

After an Associate Degree in industrial product design, I joined a school of engineering in mechanical design.

I have joined BA Systèmes at the end of my studies as pre-sales engineer for a 8-month mission. At the end of my contract, as business was already growing, BA Systèmes offered me a permanent position. Therefore, I work for pre-sales with BA Systèmes since 2011.


What does your job involve?

My job consists in providing AGV solutions tailored to our customer needs. In this context, I am a technical support to sales engineers to study and define customer needs and prepare a proposal tailored to their constraints (environment, production rates, etc.).


To simplify, sales engineers describe the need and pre-sales engineers sketch out the solution. Finding the solution may be as simple as it could be complicated depending on the scope of the automation project. In the case of what we call at the pre-projects, the “email budget” that is to say a first estimation of costs on a not very advanced automation project of a customer, it may take 2 hours. However, on a more complex project, including a logistics study for example, we can have several months of work on it.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I find myself lucky to have the opportunity to work on projects which come from very different fields of activity (agrifood, bottling, automotive, cosmetics, etc.) by providing complex technological solutions. Customer needs and applications are different from one project to another and that is what is interesting about our work.


The activity of the service is heavy and increases from year to year, so we work often in lean. In the sales department, the purpose for us is indeed to see a pre-sales project be concluded with an order. It is always rewarding to see months of work leading to a new project for the company.


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