Raphaël, AGV production cable technician

The production cable technician prepares, implements and wire the electrical components on the AGV and perform the mechanical installation

What is your background?

After a vocational qualification in electrical engineering and a first experience in the field of energy, I have joined BA Systèmes to work on cable production two years ago.


What does your job involve?

I work at the production. I started with the cable preparation for AGV and wiring electrical panels (that is to say the power center of the vehicle). I continue by assembling the panels to the frame and then positioning the electrical components on the AGV. For about a year, I take care of the AGV wiring. From the electrical and mechanical plans of the design office, I lay the cables on the AGV and ensure that everything is in accordance with plans.


What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

My greatest satisfaction is to see the production of AGV from A to Z and especially to see them operate at the end. When the vehicle has passed the tests successfully and there is no feedback from the customer, I have the feeling of having done my job and that is what thrills me the most. I also enjoy the working atmosphere at BA Systèmes and the feeling of being part of a dynamic and constantly changing company.


The transmission of knowledge is important to you?

Given my early experience at BA Systèmes, I have not yet fully acquired all reflexes but I know I can count on the support of the “older” ones.



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