Our values

To support our customers in a relationship of trust built over time, BA Robotic Systems Group's mission is to design, deploy and maintain innovative solutions based on automated systems and mobile robotics

Our values, which are embedded in the Group’s DNA, combine human values, a culture of excellence and expertise for our customers’ performance.


Integrated into our strategic plan, our values nurture our ambition to be a leading player in innovative mobile robotic solutions.


The state of mind behind BA Robotic Systems Group is reflected in five key values shared by all employees. These values represents our corporate culture. They define us, bring us together and express themselves every day within our teams.


The definition of our values, a reflection of our history, our ambitions and our commitments to our customers, stems from a collaborative work initiated in 2017.


Portrait of the five founding values of BA Robotic System Group


BA Systèmes Values

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